Windows Azure

Whoa. Wait. Did I just say Windows Azure Linux VM? Yes. I sure did. Microsoft recently announced the General Availability of the Windows Azure Linux Virtual Machines. We’ve been looking for a good hosting solution, so I thought this would be a good time to do some experimentation on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

I fired up a OpenLogic Centos 6.3 Virtual Machine. The process to get the machine running was amazingly quick and in just a couple minutes I was logged in via SSH. My next step was to install cPanel & WHM. The install script would start, run for a couple minutes, and then give a few “No package kernel-headers available.” Finally it would abort with the following fatal error.
[highlight](FATAL): yum failed 6 times. Cannot continue! Removing /root/installer.lock[/highlight]

Fortunately there is a simple fix. Simply install the kernel-headers by running the following command.
[highlight]sudo yum –disableexcludes=main install kernel-headers-2.6.32-279.14.1.el6.openlogic.x86_64[/highlight]

Restart the cPanel installation script and it should install successfully now.

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